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  Ostra - Cyber Security for Small Businesses
Ostra takes care of you

Concierge cyber security protection, personalized for your small businesses needs.

The same protection used by large corporations, made approachable, affordable & non-technical.
So that you can sleep at night.

of all cyber attacks affect companies with fewer than 100 employees
of all crime reported in 2016 was CYBER crime
average cost of a data breach for small businesses in 2017

The stats are not in your favor

Internet security is big news with daily reports of hacks. You may assume that your business is too small or not a target to be attacked. Or perhaps you are overwhelmed by the many security solutions available. Either way, what would happen if your business was hacked? Would you be liable for information lost? Would your clients suddenly be wary of your services or would it create a lack of trust?

Ostra cyber security protection:

Ostra was founded on the principle of bringing top-of-the-line cyber security tools to small businesses who do not have the large IT budgets or an entire division of cyber security experts. Instead, Ostra scales this technology to small business in finance, healthcare, manufacturing and many other industries, while adding a personal touch that is unavailable anywhere else. With Ostra you are getting more than just a security technology, we are a company made up of great humans who partner with you every step of the way. When you work with Ostra, we provide:

  • Cutting edge security technology
  • Our founders' years of industry experience
  • 24x7 monitoring of threats throughout your network
  • Access to the latest security research (explained by our team in a way you can understand)
  • Security training for your staff
  • Site and policy assessments of current conditions
  • Approachable education
  • Peace of mind

How Ostra Security Works

Dedicated account team will partner with you

Discuss and understand your specific business needs

Get connected to Ostra (we’ll help)

Relax as Ostra monitors your network for bugs and devious characters

If there is an issue, we will notify you immediately

About Ostra

Much like our namesake the oyster, Ostra builds a shell of technology to protect the pearl of your business. Our founders’ years of experience protecting huge organizations gives us the expertise and confidence to monitor, train, assess the digital security of your business. All of which help you sleep better at night.